For most of us, going to the movie theater can mean getting there early to take your  favorite seat. This could be middle seats in the middle of the theater or all the way in the back in the last row.

These personal preferences are more than likely based on what you think as the "best seat in the house." You might want to rethink your seating thanks to science!

Theaters these day have "Stadium Seating" to give you a great view no matter where you sit as opposed to older theaters that were built with a slight slop, making your view a slight curve above the person in front of you.

According to the video below, it shouldn't be a matter of picking your seat for the best view - rather the best audio experience.

The audio "sweet spot" is roughly 2/3's back in the theater. That's where audio engineers do their sound testing for balance when installing the speakers for the theater.

Now you know where to sit the next time you hit the theaters.