Last night the SYFY network premiered a new movie called SHARKNADO. Yes a tornado made of sharks terrorizes the city of Los Angeles. The scary thing about this movie is it could actually happen. For a while I thought I was watching the sequel to Al Gore’s “An incontinent truth”.

If you’re wondering what level of talent this movie has in the cast let me just point out that Tara Reid Is a leading lady and a grown up over weight Cousin Oliver from the Brady Bunch makes a powerful appearance.

I do have to say Tara Reid played a character who had a son who’s in his mid 20s, which was tough to swallow. I think I had an easier time buying Arnold Schwarzenegger mothering a child in the movie “JR” then I did this.

It’s comforting to know that to have a popular syfy film all you need to do is say SHARK plus  something. For example, Sharktopus, shark-crock, Mega Shark, Sharkosaurus Rex vs ReSharkerator. They all sound good to me.

Bottom line about the movie Sharknado, it was the best movie about shark infused tornados I have seen in years. I smell Oscar!

PS: I owe Styles for putting me onto this early enough that I was forced to watch. Thanks, I think?