Since classic English rock/heavy metal band Motorhead was formed 36 years ago, they have done pretty much everything: toured the world time after time, released over a dozen albums, played for millions of fans, and now, the trio have reached new heights by releasing their very own brand of vodka.

The 80-proof vodka comes in a sleek and sexy black bottle that features the bands name and war pig logo that appeared on the band's very first album over three decades ago.

Other details:

Article number: 86365
Price: 393 SEK (approx.. $60 US)
Producer: Malmköpings Nya Spritbolag AB
Distributor: Grapes Svenska AB
Alcohol by volume: 40% vol

According to the article:

Motörhead Vödka is a new premium vodka made from 100% locally grown wheat that has been distilled and bottled in the small market town of Malmköping, Sweden. It has a rich, full bodied and complex character, with a light and fruity aftertaste. A touch of barley gives the vodka a rounded and mellow grain character. Its distinctive taste is further enhanced by the unique locally sourced water, which has been naturally filtered for thousands of years in a ridge in Malmköping. It’s an easy-drinking vodka, that can be enjoyed both with and without ice.

For now, the alcohol is solely available through Sweden via Systembolaget, and can be found here. It will eventually become available in other countries.

The band have also released their own line of Shiraz wine, along with matching glassware and other drinking accessories.

I want this vodka just for the cool bottle! Do you want to try it? What band would you like to see release something of their own brand?