This summer will kick off Motley Crue’s final tour and front man Vince Neil came on my show to talk about it. All Bad Things must come to an end and all questions to “why is the end coming this year” must be answered.

Vince and I address his feelings about the Bands decision to wrap things up and what insanity they have planned for this farewell tour. I also give some suggestion to Vince on how they could improve their stage show and admit my jealousy over his wardrobe choices. Check out my conversation with Motley Crue Front man Vince Neil.


“I’m really looking forward to it, it’s going to be a fun tour with Alice cooper…”

“Every tour we try to top it with technology and everything…”

“We’ll play under water.”

“The time this tour ends it will be 35 years, and that’s kind of long enough…”

“We want to go out on top…”

“The band’s not breaking up, just not going to tour anymore…”

“We don’t do anything different. Going on stage is going on stage.”

“Why would you travel together…and live like an animal when you can afford your own bus?”

-          Vince Neil, Motley Crue (Q103 interview with Dalton Castle)