Later this week the guys in Motley Crue are set to make a big announcement and will do it on Piers Morgan Tonight.  There is some speculation and the Crue is even dropping hints throughout the week.

Make sure you are tuned into CNN on Thursday night at 9pm because Motley Crue will reportedly be making a big announcement via Piers Morgan Tonight.   So what could it be?  A new album?  A winter US tour?  Everyone is pretty much in the dark right now, but the band did a leave a clue on their website, and will leave another one tomorrow.  Personally I have no idea what the clue means, but see if you can decipher it.

There has to be some significance in the red "S".  Maybe they are finally making progress on The Dirt movie.  I guess we will have to wait until Thursday night to find out, unless of course something happens to leak.