Chris Motionless grabbed a seat at our Media Row table after their set at Rock On The Range to talk about the band's hometown, The Office, influences, and more.

The band is based out of Scranton, Pa - which of course is the "home" of the American version of The Office. I asked Chris how accurate the perception of Scranton is on the show:

They film in California but they are very accurate in what they talk about in what has to deal with Scranton.

Their new album "Infamous" is out now and Chris talk about bridging the musical genres

I break us down to two fan genres that we can apply to, the Warped Tour crowd and Mayhem crowd. We are influenced and want to be apart of Mayhem and this cycle is a record that goes that direction.

Speaking of Mayhem, you can see the band on July 20th at SPAC with Rob Zombie and Five Finger Death Punch.

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