If this is what the women of Mt. Vernon, IL look like please put me on the next flight, or train, or donkey, or whatever people use to get to MT Vernon.Take note - both videos have some language that is NSFW.

This video is solid gold. Gorgeous chick in the front with REAL hair, not no wig! Also how about the power combo of her mom in the background being the ultimate hype man? “KMA” ya’ll! This video is the perfect example on how to prove to people that you’re really REAL and your mama wears a bra and you don’t.

Also why would anyone mess with this chick? Clearly she has got nothing left to lose, her entire family aside from her mother appears to be dead. You think that’s a coincidence? No way! This chick has been accused of being fake from just about everyone in her family and she obviously has killed all of them except her super sexy step mother. Someone throw mama some beads already so we can see what kind of pancake nipples she’s rocking under that orthopedic bra.