I'm definitively intrigued by this. According to a new survey, about 60 of Americans will celebrate Valentine's Day this year. That's only second to St. Patrick's Day for the most hated holiday of the year. How can this be?Wither your single or with someone, Valentine's Day sucks because of the forced love fest that will occur - that and the money you might have to spend on gifts. St. Patrick's Day is at least a day where you throw caution to the wind and drink all day. How is the green holiday more hated then the pink one?

I just don't understand and the survey doesn't really offer much help as to how they came to this conclusion outside of the Valentine's Day portion of it, so I guess we will concentrate on that.

The National Retail Federation says most Americans celebrating tomorrow will drop around $130 for gifts this year, up from $126 last year. A PriceGrabber survey claims that the down economy is putting a damper on the "holiday" with only 55 percent of us celebrating it.

What about married couples? According to Cathy McBreen of the Millionaire Corner's Website - Only 16% of married couples are celebrating it, which I guess truly shows how the fire kind of burns out after the rings are place on the finger.

Did I partake in Valentine's Day this year? Yes. Did my girl? Yes. Did we force the other to the take part? No.

I got some cool stuff including a mini-fridge for my office (score!), a shirt (inside joke/story), and I'm not sure what else until tomorrow. So yes, she did give me some of my things beforehand and I did the same for her.

Do I still think this is a BS holiday? You know it. That's why we at Q103 did our "Get Outta The Dog House" giveaway to help take off some of the pressure to impress this year. Even if you didn't win it, there were some killer gift ideas in there because you don't want to be in the Dog House after tomorrow (trust me).