In life there are somethings that just frustrate the heck out of you. No matter when or where they happen, steam comes blowing out of your eyes and your face turns red while you try to reserve your words.


How many times has the above happened to you? You put your money in, make a selection, await the delivery of said selection, and then is somehow gets stuck. Granted the snack vending machine is simple in mechanics but after nearly a century, you'd think we could make this work correctly.

Some would jokingly say on Twitter that this is a #FirstWorldProblem but it's still frustrating to know that my mid-day snack is now lost to the void of that machine. Even worse, the person who puts in for the next one might get hooked up with two.

I know, I could put another 60 cents in but knowing my luck... the second KitKat would become stuck as well.