Who doesn't love a good failure on a game show?  There nothing more rewarding then seeing someone screw up beyond belief on national television. Some of these moments compiled by TV Squad are almost cringe worthy.  Some are just plain funny.  One of the most uncomfortable ones that I have seen is the #3 moment from The Moment of Truth, it ruined the woman's marriage.  Oh man, this woman ruined her relationship with her husband,parents, siblings probably even some people she didn't even know she was offending.  To top it off she didn't even win!

One of the most rewarding things is when you are playing along with The Price Is Right at home and come close to the actual retail price on the showcase showdown.  Now imagine actually playing and guessing $1 more than the actual price. Massive fail right here.

Wheel of fortune is my favorite for people failing because it just shows how dumb some people are.  Two videos on this list are great examples of exactly that.  the first is a woman who obviously is a eggs short of a dozen.  Two words "Self Potato"  what?!

The other Wheel clip is my favorite one of all time.  These guys can't come up with Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa.   Do they live under a rock?!  Not like Regis has been on TV for over 40 years or anything.

Here is a link to all the clips at TV Squad.