Halloween is just one week away and as we settle down with movie marathons and scary stories, it's a time to bring up questions like "Do you believe in ghost?"

Would you believe that most Americans actually do?

Would you also believe that Abraham Lincoln is the one person most people would want to be haunted by?

Well, that results of a new study by the Wall Street Journal might surprise you on the answer.

Here a quick overview of some of the result:

  • 54% actually believe are ghost real
  • 21% are absolutely sure they are no ghost
  • 25% weren't sure either way
  • 24% who believe in ghost are afraid of them
  • 58% believe ghost come back to settle unfinished business
  • If they died and came back, 28% would check in on a family member. While 22% would haunt an ex (you know, just for fun)
  • 43% of Americans believe in reincarnation.
  • Of those - 18% said they might have been an animal in a past life
  • Most surveyed said they wouldn't mind be haunted by Abraham Lincoln with Marilyn Monroe a close second


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