There could be some more bad news on the way for Yankee fans as veteran pitcher Andy Pettitte is leaning towards retirement.

According to Yankee first baseman Mark Teixeira, Andy Pettitte is really thinking about hanging it up.  Teixeira shared that information with ESPN New York's Ian Begley on Tuesday.  This would be yet another crushing blow to a fan base who has already seen a very disappointing off season.

The 38 year old Pitcher is coming off of one of his best seasons. 11-3 record with a 3.28 ERA, why not go out on top?  Pettitte has been in this game a long time and as much as I would love to see him in pin stripes forever, if the guy wants to hang it up I would rather see him retire on the top of his game rather than pull a Brett Favre.

He still has time to decide though so don't give up on lefty just yet.  He'll make a final decision in the next few weeks before spring training begins in Tampa on February 14th.  If he does in fact decide to retire that would leave the Yankee rotation to look like this: CC Sabathia, Phil Hughes and AJ Burnett would return as starters.  That leaves the final 2 rotation spots open and right now it looks like they would go to Ivan Nova and Sergio Mitre.

Does this possible rotation make me nervous as a fan?  In a word; YES!  If Pettitte retires I will  hold nothing against him.  He has gone above and beyond for the Yankees and is one of the classiest guys in all of sports.  But the thought of Ivan Nova and Sergio Mitre as starters?? For the Yankees??  The bombers really need to start making some moves if they want to compete with Boston this year, because the Sox are loaded.  I mean is the Yankees big off season move this year going to be Russell Martin? Oh boy.