This is either the ultimate revenge or a very kind gesture. I don’t know this women well enough to know that she’s NOT into a tub full of poo so who’s to say? I imagine no divorce is ever all that easy and generally some one is always left hurt and upset. But according to this story in the Huffington Post one man decided to deal with his pain in the most mature way possible.

“…police say they caught 64-year-old Rene Daniel outside his ex-wife's house. Also with Daniel were "heaps of manure" piled high outside the woman's front door and inside her hot tub.” –HP

This is a pretty solid move by this guy. Even if she is able to clean out all the manure from the tub she will never be able to use it again. Who wants to soak in a body of water that once was filled with poo? This hot tub has now become a toilet and is unusable. That is of course only if she is NOT into all this kind of behavior. Who knows she might be like that strange German VHS my friend Ed made me watch one night in 2005. This may have been a kind gesture from Rene Daniel.