As we are in the midst of the unofficial start to summer and ol' Monte is busting out the charcoal, I pondered about which frosty adult beverage I'd like to have with my grilled delights this weekend.  I like to partake in a variety of beers. If you're wondering what brand to purchase at your local stop, I'll run down the list of some of my personal faves!

As you can tell, I like me some Coors Light.  I've lost a bit of weight recently, I feel light on my toes and a spring in my step.  The light beer helps me keep off some of those unwanted pounds.  I *think* there are about forty less calories in the lights than the regulars.

Not sure you can ever go wrong drinking a brew that is also drank by "the most interesting man in the world". Aside from digging the taste of Dos Equis for quite a while, I enjoy the amber and green beer bottle colors.  Rumor has it, an amber bottle can reduce UV light and the beer benefits.

One thing that I enjoy about Smirnoff beer is the fact that they have a vast amount of flavors.  I'm sort of a Raspberry fella.  They also have Blueberry, Lemonade, Grape, Cranberry and Lyme just to name a few.   I think I may have had two or three of each flavor in this photo as it appears I'm wearing a mullet wig.

Let me tell you the most amazing thing about Heineken: The Draughtkeg.  I don't know how may other beers let me go into the grocery store and walk out with a little keg!  According to their website, once opened, the beer inside the Draughtkeg stays fresh for 30 days!

What I dig about Sam Adams beer is that they have a seasonal line up.  Every now and then I like a variety and this is a brand that can bring such a thing.  One beer that stands out to me: Chocolate Bock! Beer and chocolate, does it get better?

I know what you're thinking!  Monte, you haven't mentioned Budweiser!  Oh I like Bud and Bud Light o' plenty but that's my boy Rumz's drink of choice. As you can tell by his shirt, there are never any left at the BBQ by the time ol' Monte arrives.

So should I stay with my faves or should I go along the lines of a PBR or a cold Labatt?  What cold bottle of suds will you be popping the top off of this Memorial Day weekend?  Just remember, 21 is the age and responsibility the key!