After reading a story that Rob Dawes posted recently about a movie being filmed right here in the Capital Region, I decided to try out for The Place Beyond the Pines starring Bradley Cooper, Ryan Gossling and perhaps ol' Monte!?

Yesterday, I headed down to Erie Blvd in Schenectady in hopes to land a role as an extra in the film The Place Beyond the Pines.  I arrived bright and early at 11:15 AM with my friend Nicole.  We read that the men were to try out from 10:00 AM - Noon and women from 1:00 PM-3:00 PM.  To my surprise, the line of people was around the block - literally!  Monte waited in line for four hours and met some great people.  Several aspiring actors behind me spent hours talking about great bands from years past and even about the Q103 DJ's!  No, I did not reveal who I was to them.  After four hours, I had my photo taken and was given a number in the 400's.  Around 4:00 PM, I was asked to come back at 6:00 PM, the casting crew needed time to sort through all of the photos for only the men.  The women were still waiting in line to have their photos taken!

6:00 PM hit and ol' Monte walked back in and waited to hear his number called.  If your number was called, you're shown the door. If not, then you have a chance to be in the film.  By 8:00 PM, my number had not been called, I made the cut! As the large group of people took some material to another room, myself and three others were pulled aside.  I thought, OK I'm a first timer and they're going to explain the situation to me.  Nope.  After everyone left, I was handed a few lines for a part they thought I might fit.  HUH!? Reading lines!?  Monte thought he was just going to stand in the background of the movie and get my mug on screen.  Now I had a chance to read lines! How awesome is that?  Meanwhile, Nicole left hours ago and I'm alone in a room reading a script for the first time wondering if my life is about to change.

9:00 PM or so hits and I find myself walking into a room with two movie crew casting members and a camera. I had to deliver the lines and then talk about myself. They seemed to enjoy my performance, and I made them smile.  I'd shoot for a one in a billion chance I actually get a speaking role in the film but ol' Monte is thrilled they even let me get as far as reading to the camera.  I'm happy just to make the first round of cuts, the day of waiting was more than worth it.  I can't reveal details of what I had to read but if I get a call back, you'll be the first to know about it right here on the Q website.

Did anyone else audition?  How do you think you did?