Forget about buying tacos, nachos, burritos and crunch wrap supremes at Taco Bell, because now you can buy human beings! All for the low price of $500! This was the case at a Washington state location, where an innocent woman was offered a three-day old baby boy for $500 by the infant's mother.

36-year-old Heidi Lynn Knowles (Gasaway) of Vancouver was arrested this past weekend after the cops were called on her for attempting to sell her newborn son to a customer at a Hazel Dell Taco Bell.

She handed the baby to the woman, told her she could have him for "only" $500, and after refusing,

obviously, the customer called 911, while the mother and baby left the restaurant and went back to the hotel where they were staying.

Clark County sheriff's deputies busted Knowles at the motel for attempted child-selling, but also for outstanding warrants for drug paraphernalia, skipping bail and theft, according to The Columbian (read that article here).

The baby, who was thankfully in good health, was soon handed over (for free) to Child Protective Services.

According to the article:

Knowles has reportedly denied trying to sell her baby, though one report describes her as evasive about the matter. When it comes to parenting, she doesn't have the best track record: The manager of the motel where she was staying says Knowles claimed to have produced five other kids, but somehow had custody of none of them. Hopefully her youngest tot never finds out that his mom once believes he was worth less than 251 seven-layer burritos, if this information can be trusted.

It's pretty sad this woman is reproducing like a dog but yet doesn't have any of them, just like a dog. So many people and couples would spend and do anything to be able to have a child, and here this lady treats hers like a toy in order to feed to supposed drug habit. It's just sick and pathetic and hopefully her tubes get tied and she is put away for a substantial amount of time.

What are your thoughts on this? What would you do and say if you were offered to buy the baby?