We have another nominee for 2012 Mother of the year. Stephanie Dillard may run away with it after wrecking her car with her kids in it, and leaving them to go get ice cream.

All you kids out there, take note. Your Mom could never be as bad as this woman. Apparently her craving for ice cream is greater than the need to see if your kids are okay after a car accident. Stephanie Dillard crashed into a bus - yes a bus - and totaled her car. Her kids were with her. So how did she handle said situation? By heading to a nearby CVS for ice cream of course.

According to Fox News, Dillard was found completely naked eating ice cream after the crash. If she was attempting to make a run for it, she failed miserably. Fortunately, none of the kids were injured too bad, but were shaken up. As for the Mom, she is now fully clothed, and her craving for ice cream is taken care of. She is charged with child endangerment.