Kids these days don't know the joys of so many things we grew up with (as if that statement doesn't make you feel old in itself). In the 90's we had cassette tapes to play our music before our parents finally gave in to our wishes for a CD player, there were video rental stores with VHS tapes you had to rewind before returning, you had to pay for internet access one hour at a time, and so much more.

Ok, maybe those aren't all joyous things but they definitely made up our childhood.

What about the music we grew up with? To most kids in 2014, a band like Nirvana is considered classic rock (making you feel old some more aren't we?). But do modern teens actually like the music Kurt, Dave, and Krist put out when we were their age?

Well, The Fine Brothers sat a bunch of teens down and had them listen to Nirvana. Their reactions might actually surprise you.