A new trend on YouTube features people of other generations, countries, or cultures reacting thing they aren't used to.

So far we've seen British people trying American treats & modern kids reacting to Nirvana, all which were entertaining to watch. Now we have modern kids reacting to something we took for granted growing up in the 80's & 90's - The portable Walkman cassette player.

Before CDs there was cassette tapes. The only way to skip to the next song was to press the 'Fast Forward' button and hope you stopped before the song started. Many times you'd end up right in the middle of the song you wanted to hear, get mad, rewind, and try again.

All things considered, cassette tapes were great for their time but how does the iPod generation view it? How would they react upon seeing a cassette tape for the first time? The following video has all the answers.

(By the way, you'll feel really old after seeing how some of these kids react)