I use my phone to get me out of all kinds of things, like having to know math or actually talking to people, but this dude in Connecticut has brought it to a whole new level.

This guy is just out driving one night, following the sound of a woman's voice, who happens to be giving him directions, which happens to be his phone. These directions led him to go on an off ramp, or off an on ramp, it's not really clear, but police response time is. Guy gets pulled over 200 feet onto the ramp, and now it's explaining time.

Now if you've been reading what i'm writing, obviously this is the phone's fault, it was the co-pilot, a sacred duty. However trying to explain this while you're drunk is really hard, and this guy will be in court on the 6th facing a DWI charge. If this was Russia, we'd have video of the whole incident, instead here's the opening to Mister Magoo, which is strikingly similar in events: