The Texas Rangers fans don't really like the ballpark tradition and now they are trying to ban it, but really what is the harm?

I know that people found the wave annoying, but in the end when it comes by you stand up like everyone else.  Don't count on it in Texas though.  The Texas Rangers ballpark is trying to ban it.  Not completely serious though.

I think it's a mix of fans who both hate and love the wave.  According to Yahoo Sports, many fans at Rangers games were sending emails in to the stadiums management to stop the wave.  Leave it to a few party poopers to ruin everyone's fun.  Is it really that big of a deal to be part of a wave?  I don't think so.  I was part of a huge wave when i was on vacation in Walt Disney World.  We were at one of their shows, and the crowd stated to do it and it got big.  It really looked like a wave of people coming at you, pretty cool.  This is the message that appears on the scoreboard at Rangers games to appease the stuffy headed jerks that want all the fun taken away from sports.

Obviously they aren't so serious about the matter.  If your at a sporting event and a 'wave' breaks out just embrace it.  Or don't, and be a dick.