Have a good New Year's? Did you go missing for a couple of days, at least according to friends and family? No? Well that sucks as this kid had a much better New Year's then me and you both.

Dale Rowlinson-Bates was reported missing by his family after he failed to contact friends or family members for several days. Turns out, he was just shacking up with a newfound lady friend.

The 20-year-old called his mother on New Year's Eve night around 8:30pm saying his battery was going to die and he would talk to her later.

Dear 'ol mom became worried when she didn't hear from him the next day and after contacting friends who said they hadn't seen him since 5:30am on New Year's Day. After nearly 24 hours of no word from Dale, she called police.

Mom went a little too far at this point, making a Facebook page to help drive the cause of finding her "missing son."

On January 2nd, Dale finally made contact with his brother and the manhunt was called off. It was revealed that Dale had spent the last 2 days with a girl and had no contact with anyone during that time.

His mother, Julia, became worried because Dale is known as a "mama's boy" by his friend and is always in contact with her about his whereabouts. When she finally saw Dale she hugged him and said "never do that to me again."

Too bad for Dale that the story broke news world-wide including the Huffington Post. Wonder if the girl he shacked up with is now having second thoughts about calling him back.