After finishing up school and starting a full-time job, I'm starting (or at least attempting) to keep track of my finances and set budget goals before I have to start paying off my student loans. This is where you insert the blood curdling scream.

I started using the website It's fantastic. The website is incredibly visual and keeps track of everywhere I use my debit card or credit card. It even categorizes the transactions so it knows if I'm staying within my budget. I have several custom budget tools including "Bar/Clubs" and "Concerts" For a girl that is horrible at math, this is such a life saver.

You can link all of your accounts that deal with your finances, including your house and car. I don't own a house, but after this I know I have 5 years of payments left on my car. Actually, I already knew that, but the graph organizing my loan was so much more visually pleasing.

The site's easy to use and it's fast to sign up. This can help you can track of your summer spending. After all, you don't want to miss out on Q-Ruption in August because you miscalculated your funds. This once again, provides major evidence on why the Internet rocks.