Nothing says “Majority Support” like a half dozen people showing up to rally. It’s about time someone spoke up like the people of Minnesota before we’re all forced to gay marry everyone. I don’t know about you but like most of the dudes speaking on this platform (flat bed trailer) I do not want to be forced to marry another dude. And to be quite honest it doesn't look like I’m alone. Just take a look at this giant turn out of around 20 people who all feel the same way.

When a crowd like this gathers, you have to know that your message is correct. And sometimes you have to bite the bullet to get the point across. Even if it means to send the message of anti- gay marriage you have to have a super gay rally, then so be it. I mean it’s not like everyone here is actually secretly gay right? I mean would a closet case homosexual really try so desperately to prove how NOT gay they were by showing up to an anti-gay rally in the freezing cold weather? No way! Just look at the men taking the stage. Have you ever seen a cast of more NOT GAY guys in your life? These are the most rugged and manly none gays on the planet!

PS: What’s with old Droopy Face McState Rep here? What is he trying to say at [1:14]?

“But I Will Oweys, Oweys give you the opportunity to convince me that you are right…Oweys.”  - Tim Faust (Minnesota State Representative)

Is he stepping on a tack? Why is he saying “Owey”… By the way “owey” is totally not a gay word.