Sunday night were the 2012 Billboard Music Awards.  Many performed, and many walked away with some new stuff to display in their mantles.  However Miley Cyrus stole our attention because of her clothes - or lack there of.

It seems like it was just yesterday that Miley Cyrus was entertaining millions of tweens as Hannah Montana for Disney.  Those days are long past Miley, and she has embraced womanhood with a way that makes us proud.  She flaunts her stuff, and makes no apologies for it.

All those years spending time in stuffy clothes working for Disney must have gotten to her.  Is anyone surprised that Miley likes to get her sexy on?  She's practically oozing rebellion these days.  On Sunday she must have been looking for the perfect outfit and raided Billy Ray's closet.  She grabbed his best 'Miami Vice' blazer and hit the town.

You may not have won any awards Miley, but you are a winner in our eyes.  We have a couple of blazers if you want to try those on too.