Mike Portnoy was on this weekends episode of That Metal Show on VH1 Classic.  While he on they of course had to bring up the subject of his former band Dream Theater and what it's like to see them go on without him. 

It was some pretty crazy news when Mike Portnoy said he was leaving Dream Theater, a band he had co-founded and played in since 1985.   So how is he feeling seeing them go on without him?  In a word, heartbroken.  Portnoy described it like being married to four people and seeing them move on to someone else.

So, like with any marriage, you go through bumps. I'll just say that I think we could have used a break. 'Cause 25 years without a break is a long time. I can't name any bands that have been together 25 years — boom, boom, boom, write-record-tour, write-record-tour — without taking a break. And I love the guys, we're brothers — and it was really hard for me to even suggest it. But I love the baby — Dream Theater is my baby, it's my child — but sometimes a marriage stays together for the sake of the child and not necessarily for the sake of the relationship.

-Mike Portnoy

Portnoy was also asked whether or not getting back in the band was an option, and he said it was.  He was just unsure if it will ever happen, but he is very much on board with the idea.  In the end Portnoy said it's up to the other band members if they are willing to let it happen, but make no mistake he is definitely missing those guys.

So now when I see a Dream Theater without me, I've gotta be honest — it breaks my heart.

Check out a clip of the Portnoy interview below, and keep an eye out for the re-run of this weeks episode on VH1 Classic.