For years Microsoft was the king of the world. They had the operating system nailed down with Windows, were developing games and software that were decent quality and people generally liked them. Then they started getting all full of themselves and alienating users. Now they are trying to be cool again with a web reality show for the Next Microsoft Employee.

I see where Microsoft is going and what they are trying to do. They are trying to show people and I'm betting their stock holders too, that they're still cool and hip. The problem is they were never cool or hip. They were all business back in the their glory days. I'm sure the guys that were slinging code for them were cool, but it never really showed. And this web based reality show really doesn't do it for them.

There is already a glut of reality shows on TV, most of those shows seem to be pretty awful. There is just so much of Gordon Ramsey yelling at contestants on Hell's Kitchen, I can stand. So watching 4 database programmers try out for a job at Microsoft doing, you guessed it, database programming, is not really a cool show to me. It's got all the elements of a reality show like Big Brother, with a task master and challenges you have to compete in. But for me, it all seems like it's for a job I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

But with things the way they are, any job, is a job worth taking right? So I give Microsoft points for trying to make it interesting. But sadly, it just doesn't work. Microsoft's glory days are in the past and they are starting to be the underdog, but I can't find much about them to cheer for. But if you're still curious about the show, you can watch all the episodes on the Microsoft Learning website.