Crazy Mexicans, always taking all our jobs, our women and now all our good eyeballs!She maybe going to jail but at least in gods eyes she’s all good.

In Mexico City a women has been arrested after she gauged out the eyes of her 5 year old son when he refused to close them during a ceremony. But if people were to have their eyes closed, how did she see his open? Sounds like a double standards to me. This chick may sound crazy to most people but I happen to know Mexican women take religion very serious. Her son may have no eyes now but at least he has a clean soul. She may be going to jail but this Mexican bitch is all good in the eyes… err um, the empty eye-sockets of god!

This women had to rip out his eyes, because everyone knows if you don't close your eyes during prayer than your wish wont come true!... or is that birthday cakes?