Got the flu? There's a semi-new cure out there. It's a bit illegal but according to a new study, Meth helps to the fight the flu. Yes, they did a study on meth and this was the result.


Researchers in Taiwan found that methamphetamine may possess flu-fighting properties. The study exposed human lungs to various levels of meth, and then injected them with the flu-like viruses.

The lungs not injected with meth had the same amount of the flu virus 24 hours after infection. The meth lungs, after 30 hours of infection and injection, had a significantly lower level of the virus. After 48 hours, it was pretty much eliminated.

That doesn't mean go to the bad part of town and buy a stock of Meth next time you get sick. What this does mean is that researchers are now looking for a structurally similar and safer way to fight the flu using what was found in the study with meth. My question, who the hell thought up "Hmm, I wonder what effects meth would have if someone was sick with the flu" and why?