That's right people.  A special Metallica edition of the famous board game is on the way.

Looks like Metallica is going the same was as KISS, and that's all in the merchandise!  In an attempt to keep things family friendly like they are trying to do these days, Metallica will be releasing a special edition of Monopoly, branded with their name on it.   Now this version isn't going to be one for the kids to throw around.  It's a collectors item and will be around $200.

I have to say that this a pretty cool idea.  This will not only appeal to the Metallica fan that needs all things 'Tallica', but also to game collectors as well.  According to the game will be available for purchase next week.   Maybe there will be some modifications to the game for them.  Like "Do not pass go, OBEY YOUR MASTER...MASTER!" or instead of "Go To Jail" you go to the "Sanitarium".  $200 is a bit to much for me.  Plus I hate monopoly, so I probably will not be buying this one.