We have been being teased with little info about the upcoming album from Metallica and rock icon Lou Reed.  The album, Lulu, is going to be way different than anything we have ever heard from the guys in Metallica and the brand new audio sample shows that.

The big album from Metallica and Lou Reed is set to be released on November 1.  They have released an audio sample of the work they have been doing, and from what I have heard on the sample of the song "The View", you should not be expecting a Metallica record.

The idea for these two rock giants to do an album together came at the 25th anniversary Rock n Roll hall of fame concert.  Metallica played a few classic Velvet Underground tracks with Reed and they knew right then that they wanted to work together.

We had to bring 'Lulu' to life in a sophisticated way, using rock. And the hardest power rock you could come up with would have to be Metallica. They live on that planet. We played together, and I knew it. Dream come true. This is the best thing I ever did.

-Lou Reed

For everything Lulu you can check out Lou Reed and Metallica's website. The audio can be streamed on Amazon or heard in the video clip below.