Metallica will be playing the Download Festival this summer in Donington Park in the UK and will be playing the 'Black Album' in it's entirety to celebrate the albums 20th anniversary, but they will need to re-learn a few tracks. reports that Metallica has to re-learn a few tracks from 1991's 'Black Album' before they play the Download Fest this June in the UK.   Kerrang! magazine asked Metallica drummer Lars where the idea came from to play the album as a whole and he said the people at the Download fest asked them too.  They followed that up by asking if they would have to re-learn a couple tracks that the band has never played live, those songs being "Don't Tread On Me" and "The Struggle Within".  He said yes they would.

Although to be honest with you, a song like 'The Struggle Within' is a lot easier to re-learn than 'The Frayed Ends Of Sanity'.

-Lars Ulrich

Ulrich also added that he said that it won't be difficult for them to figure out all of those songs.  The 'Black Album' is Metallica's most commercially successful album despite many die hard Metallica fans saying that the band "sold out" when making it.