As a dad, I must say, I'm glad I was never shown a video of a woman giving birth. It would have scared the crap out of me, to be honest. Rewind to my son arriving: After 15 hours of no sleep the moment has arrived as I step up to the hospital bed ready to welcome my mini me. What I wasn't expecting was the smell. Holy god, it was horrible. Like 'blood soaked trash' horrible.

After a few minutes of gagging and 'gathering' (my thoughts that is) I resume my position as immediate coach and provider of my arm as one's personal stress ball. It was riveting, especially with zero sleep.

This is the thing though.

Watching the actual birth of my son was pretty cool and not nearly as disturbing as a video might portray. I must admit, my son stretched his mother open like a tin can after being crushed by a car crusher, but whatever, it was cool to watch.

Point is: Yes, I'm sure watching child birth via a video is gross, but it's no comparison to the stench that is child birth.

The dudes in this video have no idea what they're in for. They're looking at it the wrong way. You can get over the visual of a chicks lady parts taking a beating but that smell, nah, that's never going away.