When you are out buying a mattress, what are you more concerned with?  Comfort, how well she rides?

According to a new survey from Yahoo Finance, owners of memory foam mattresses may not have the best sex life.  These beds may provide great support and make you sleep like a baby, but your sex life could suffer.  Now other mattress companies are fighting back with ad campaigns that bring you back to the real reason we all love the bedroom in the first place.

So what's more important to you?  Sex or a good nights sleep?  You may be surprised that most people would not sacrifice their sex life for comfort.  Or maybe it's not that surprising to some.  Both are equally important.  You don't want to get to pent up.

It may benefit you though.  Remember what happened to George Costanza when he had to go a while without rolling in the hay?  Perhaps we will all become geniuses.