Just when you think it can’t get any better than skinny jeans they hit you with this. Look out bros, you’ll be fighting girls off left and right in these nut huggers.

Have you ever been wearing super cool skinny jeans and some time between struggling to bend over and forcing blood circulation to your feet thought “these jeans are nice but I wish they were a bit more flexible and reveling?"

Well daily mail is reporting that the hot new trend of Meggings as got you covered. Now you can have the mobility of Spiderman, the fashion of Justin Bieber and the comfort of knowing that everyone can see what the outline of your dork looks like. Leggings for men just makes all the since in the world. In fashion you've got to have a stepping stone. The ultimate goal since wearing girls pants like skinny jeans kicked in is to eventually have dudes walking around in miniskirts. But you can’t just move from skinny jeans into miniskirts, these meggings are the transition item.

But don’t except them to be around for long. Soon dudes will be walking around in lycra mini skirts with their featherless baby birds hanging out the bottom. Mmm, fashion!