Megan Lee Heart is a girl who loves to watch YouTube videos.  She also likes to post responses to those videos, and to wear clothes that show off her very busty chest. 

Have you ever watched a video on YouTube, and when you're done they give you a bunch of suggested videos and most of them are responses to the video you just watched?  Usually you wouldn't waste your time with them, but if it's a response video by the gorgeous Megan Lee Heart you may want to take a look.

Not only is Megan very easy on the eyes, but she is also funny.  A double win! We love a girl that can make us laugh, and Megan does.  She is one of the many reasons why we are glad that it's so easy to put our thoughts there.  Too bad all video bloggers don't look as good as her.  You can follow her on twitter and keep up with all things Megan.