The new record from Megadeth is on it's way out this November, but audio samples of the album have hit Amazon for an early preview.

On November 1st, we will finally be able to get our hands on a new Megadeth album.  Th1rt3en is the bands follow up to 2009's Endgame, which is regarded as one of the bands best.  Yesterday audio samples were made available and people have been eating them up.  The band has not abandoned their thrash metal roots in anyway.  Mustaine and company have once put together some fantastic sounding tracks that metal fans everywhere will be able to appreciate.

The record is being produced by Johnny K, who has previously worked with Staind, Disturbed, Sevendust, Machine Head and most recently Pop Evil on their War of Angels album.   This album will also see the return of original bass player David Ellefson, so you can expect it to have that classic Megadeth feel.  You be the judge, below are some samples from the record.

Sudden Death:

Public Enemy #1:

We The People:

Fast Lane:



Samples of all the tracks can be heard on AmazonTh1rt3en will be out everywhere on November 1st and rumor right now is that Megadeth will be bringing Gigantour to the Albany area in 2012.