For those of you hoping for a full fledged 'Big Four' tour across the States, you can start hoping for something else because it is most likely not going to happen.

The 'Big Four' is in high demand right now.  They are set to play Yankee Stadium this September, but you shouldn't expect much more than that according to Megadeth front man Dave Mustaine.   He says that his band simply can't afford to go on a full fledged tour with Metallica.

The difference is how the two bands tour.  Metallica likes to go out for 2 weeks then take 2 weeks off, where as Megadeth likes to stay out for sometimes 5 weeks at a time.  I guess the 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off schedule wouldn't do so well with Mustaine's wallet.

So unfortunately for all you 'Big Four' freaks out there on the east coast, right now it looks like the Yankee Stadium gig will be the only one that we are getting.  The only thing I can see them doing is possibly playing a Mid West gig and maybe somewhere down South, or possibly in Texas to hit both up.  They already played the West and now the East so I think that's a fair assumption.