The Grammy's have once again proven that they know nothing of the hard rock and heavy metal world.  While we love the Foo Fighters, the Grammy for best heavy metal performance should have gone to Megadeth.

The Grammy's is usually a huge waste of time if you are a fan of rock music.  It's a giant show dedicated to all things pop pretty much.  After years of giving out the Grammy for best hard rock or heavy metal performance, they have yet to get it right.  A few times an actual metal artist gets the award, but more often then not they totally get it wrong.

Last night was another example of them getting it wrong.  Megadeth put out a phenomenal album in Thirteen, and the first single off of it, 'Public Enemy No.1' is one of their best songs.  It was hand down the best heavy metal performance of the year, but somehow The Foo Fighters and their wanna be metal tune 'White Limo' won.  I love Dave Grohl, and the Foo's are one of my favorite bands, but Grammy's, seriously you need to either eliminate this category or get it right.

Perhaps metal deserves it's own category so that other things don't get mixed in with it.