Over the weekend Christie M. Black thought she struck it big after she had stolen $5,000. However, after opting out of the use of a purse and springing for a more natural body pocket she found herself both arrested and hospitalized.

“Black's boyfriend told authorities he was suspicious that his girlfriend was stealing from him. He set up a trap at 1 a.m. Tuesday in his Bulls Gap home on N. Ridge Road by placing two envelopes filled with money totaling $5,000 in $100 bills and some medication in an old medicine bag on a foosball table for the night. When the boyfriend woke up at about 7 o'clock, he noticed that Black was still up, so he checked the bag and discovered that the contents were missing.

Black then became sick, according to the boyfriend, and threw up partially dissolved pills. According to a Hawkins County incident report, the boyfriend then asked her about the missing money, and she admitted that she wrapped up the cash and stuck it in her rectum.” –WBIR

Classic love story if you ask me. I don’t know this women that well but I can understand why she went for the booty hiding place. My guess would be whatever mustard stained sweat pants she was wearing at the time did not have any pockets so her tushy was the only logical choice. I’m certain her boyfriend was very confused by this situation entirely. Not that his girlfriend was stealing from him, but that she would choose to shove money in her fanny, because she hadn't let him explore back there before.