I recently traveled to Bethany CT to do a little professional wrestling and I had the opportunity to sit down and get to know ROH wrestling star Grizzly Redwood a little better.

Rocking the afternoon drive on Q103 is what I do Monday – Friday. But on the weekends I pack up my colorful tights and hit the road to live like a professional wrestler. On the road I see things and meet interesting people and by bring the camera with me I can show you a closer look of the word of professional wrestling and introduce you to some new faces.

This week I’m in Bethany CT for CTWE where I meet with Grizzly Redwood from Ring of Honor TV. He has an interesting story about how when he was born he weighed 1 pound! Grizzly was not expected to make it past the age of 4 years-old and never did people imagine he would make it as a professional wrestler. He proved everyone wrong and is now living out his dream as a pro wrestler who you can see every Saturday night on the CW.