Beginning Monday June 27 at 7p there will be a new voice at night on 103.5 & 103.9 to rock yourself out to.  Meet our newest Q103 night personality Dru! Previously heard in the Capital Region on WHRL Channel 103.1, we rescued Dru from under a bridge, putting her back where she belongs on rock radio.  Find out ten things about Dru after the jump.

There's a new chick on rock radio and Q103 - Her name is Dru.  We recently asked Dru 10 questions so you can know a little bit more about her.

1. How did you get into Radio?

I didn't want to do TV.

2. What is your celebrity look alike?

If you ask Mrozek, I look like some chick from the last Terminator movie.

3. What was your first concert?

No Doubt. Gwen had braces and no hair.

4. What is your favorite band?

Once upon a time it was Linkin Park (make fun all you want), but their last album makes me want to cry in an embarrasing kinda way. Anything Maynard James Keenan does is a gift.

5. What do you do for fun?

Laugh at you.

6. What is your favorite food?

My favorite food will always be pizza. Since the only topping I will tolerate is either cheese or pepperoni, many people oft say that I like my pizza missionary-style.

7. What is your favorite sports team?

Don't you EVER talk to me that way again!

8. Text or call?

9. Tell us something about you that nobody else knows?

I have two tattoos (so far). You won't ever see them.

10. What do you think of Mrozek?

The first day I met him, he asked me if I was a Q-Tease. The next day, he offered me a toothpick. We may never truly know the depths of his soul.

We are happy to have Dru here at Q103.  Check her out on air Monday - Friday 7p-midnight and Sunday afternoons from 2p-6p. Keep listening to find where you can meet Dru at future Q103 events and appearances.  Go Rock Yourself!