The Charlie Sheen-less era of Two and a Half Men is set to begin and more and more about the season keeps getting leaked online.  Now we have learned that actress Judy Greer has joined the cast has a sort of love interest for Ashton Kutcher's character.

Yahoo confirmed that Judy Greer has been added to the cast of the upcoming season of Two and a Half Men.  She is not  a stranger to sitcoms as she was one of the main players on the CBS sitcom Mad Love.  With that being over she has now moved onto greener pastures as Ashton Kutcher's characters ex-wife on Men.  They are calling her a love interest, so something tells me that she won't be playing the "ex" for long.

The funny thing about Judy Greer is that she is a bit of a departure from the over the top hot chicks that Charlie Sheen's character use to fool around with.  To me, Greer is more of a realistic beautiful woman.  She always plays the friend in most things, so it's nice to see her in a spot light role.  I think she is adorable and will be a welcomed addition to this revamped cast.