After the news early Monday that there would be push to pass the Medical Marijuana bill through the state legislature before their session wraps up at the end of the week - Now comes news that deals were made to help ensure that.

The negotiations went late in the night on Monday to get the bill voted on. The amendments were made just before the deadline of 12:01 AM Tuesday to give the bill the proper three day wait before a vote could occur.

Governor  Cuomo had stated he wasn't opposed to the bill but asked for certain restrictions to be placed due to fears of the drug being abused. Another was the 'smoking' of the drug by patients using it.

Bill sponsor State Senator Diane Savino told News10:

The governor has some issues with smoking. He wants to do away with smoking which many patients do to get the most potent [effect].

Savino also said that the Governor brought many of his concerns to table last second, which she has worked to meet but

You can only take so many things away from the bill and still have it be effective.

Assemblyman John MacDonald is also a supporter of the bill and says that many people have the wrong idea about the legalization term:

This is not about legalization which I think is a fear of other people. This is about dealing with it for medical conditions in a tightly prescribed environment.

Now it's just sitting back and waiting to see how the vote goes down later on this week. After the result is announced, we will have it here for you on