First they came for the Big Gulps and I did not speak out, then they came for the smokers. Now they have come for my clown cranking and there is no one left to speak out for me.

Daily mail is reporting that there are plans for mayor Bloomberg to make homes in New York City smoke free zones.

“Community groups will be sent out to convince landlords and tenants across the city to turn their private buildings into smoke-free zones…” –DM

I absolutely hate smoking, I think it’s disgusting. At first I find this to be a great idea but then I thought about it. Mayor Bloomberg is going crazy with power. I think this dude actually gets off on taking the slightest bit of enjoyment that people have and taking it away. Some people love to drink soda, well Bloomberg says “not too much”! if people want to smoke in their homes it should be allowed no matter how disgusting and bad it is for you. If we stop letting people smoke in their home soon we can’t get drunk in our homes and later I won’t be allowed to treat my body like an amusement park.