No, you didn't read that wrong. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has been made into an action figure- the Poking Inventor Action Figure. Why? I don't know, but it looks just like him and has all of his characteristics down, even his Adidas sandals. Want one? They're only $70 each! Wow!

The figure was created by Cyril Chang and released by MIC (Made In China) Gadgets, the same company who turned Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple, into an action figure as well. Zuckerberg's mini-me will be sold in a limited run of only 300, so there is a limit of one-per-person. I say only because I'm sure they'll go fast, as people tend to spend their hard-earned money on junk.

The action figure stands on a platform, and is complete with the Facebook "F" logo and icons such as "Poke" and "Like." It also comes with blank speech bubbles which you can fill in with anything you'd like him to say. The head is a bit bigger than the rest of the body, sort of like a bobble-head, which makes it even creepier.

The Poking Inventor looks smart in a casual brown sweat shirt and comfortable worn-in jeans. He stands on a white rectangular-shaped base platform which is made of hard plastic, with a nice pose of sticking his left hand in pocket with his thumb out. And he holds a ‘Like” or “Poke” button in his right hand. Weight and size? It is heavier than an iPhone, lighter than an iPad. And it stands 7 inches tall.-

What's this world coming to? Charging an arm and a leg (well, in this case an action figure arm and leg) for a stupid action figure of a 26-year-old genius/billionaire? What's worse is knowing how many people will actually waste money on this piece of plastic.

What's your opinion on this? Do you want to be the proud owner of one or pretend it doesn't even exist? Check out photos, as well as more details of the figure and then see what you think!