When growing a large amount of illegal drugs it's probably not the best idea to leave behind a journal full of personal information for the cops to find.

YNN reports that a large illegal drug growing operation was discovered in Berne, NY that involved 100 or so plants.  The authorities discovered it thanks to an anonymous tip.

Now normally when they uncover one of these things they are just able to spoil someones party and the culprit gets off and has to find a new "greenhouse."  However, this time the growers left behind a journal full of personal details so they will have no trouble tracking them down.

They were nice enough to leave us a journal with all the information on it. So we know who we're looking for. We have a body. Our investigators are out right now trying to locate that subject. And we'll take it from there.

-Sheriff Craig Apple

So note to all you illegal drug farmers out there:  When growing your secret stash, make sure to bring your diary home with you.  There will be plenty of time to write about what boys you thought were cute in the cafeteria once your done growing your illegal drugs.

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