For as long as I can remember there is one Christmas song that really sticks out to me, well two counting Springsteen.  That one song happens to be Mariah Carey's 'All I Want For Christmas Is You'.

Despite my love for rock music, certain pop songs get tossed in the mix as well.  This time of year there are a handful of Christmas songs that I like to crank up.  'Mistress For Christmas', 'Back Door Santa', 'Run,Run Rudolph', and Springsteen's version of 'Santa Claus is Coming to Town'.  Along with those is also one song that is for sure a guilty pleasure and that would be Mariah Carey.

Every single time the poppy goodness of her 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' comes on the radio, or on TV I can't help but listen for the whole time.  If no one is around, I may even sing along a little bit.  I was almost busted cranking it the other day in the Price Chopper parking lot, but when I noticed a guy looking at me I quickly changed it over to the new Volbeat record.  For shame, I know, but it's always going to be one of my favorites.

Did anyone catch the debut of it that she did with Justin Bieber during the lighting of the tree in Rockefeller Center in NYC?  They played the music video and both my fiance and I were in awe in how good she looked after giving birth to twins.  I have a Christmas crush this holiday season.  If you can ignore the fact that Bieber is in part of the video then it is some awesome holiday eye candy.  By the way, Bieber sounds terrible.