So, you're at a bar hanging with two ladies. At the end of the night, the two ladies say to you: 'Who you taking home tonight?' You think long and hard, examining looks, brains, and most of all, how fantastic of a night you had with the two lovelies. Of course, this is all hypothetical, but you see where I'm going with this? 

In our hypothetical bar known to all as 'Pump or Dump', you decided to take home the lovely Maria Brink, who by the way, is from our area. Much love to the local chick killing it nationally with her band In This Moment.

I do need to show Christina Scabbia some love though. Nice showing from the Italian goddess and front chick from Lacuna Coil.  Speaking of Lacuna Coil, they're killing it at Upstate Concert Hall, Feb 6th with Sevendust. Get your tix here.


Tonight's Main Event:

Maria's out for blood as she goes for her second win tonight, of course, with your help. For some reason I feel like the raawwwrrr singer may have a bit of competition as we welcome a clone of Maria, seriously. It's sick how similar these two are, blonde on blonde, if ya will.

Heidi Shepherd from the LA based band Butcher Babies is headed to the ring with her rockin curves, fantastic Facebook pics, and of course, that Maria Brink-esc throaty scream she kills with [Take a listen].

Ding Ding Ding!!!