Maria Brink

I sit down with the front girl Maria Brink of In This Moment to discuss their upcoming show and some happy memories of the Albany Area. Maria is a Local success story of the Albany area and a high name in the female rock world. It’s always a pleasure to talk with her about what’s new in the world of “In This Moment” and recently it’s been nothing but success.

The new album blood has been in stores since August 2012 and since then the band has been doing great according to Maria. Check out this interview and find out what Maria’s favorite memory of Albany NY is and check out the interesting story of a tour she had in Australia regarding stinky animal blood and dead pig parts. Listen to the interview then see them live at The Upstate Concert Hall.

“Basically everything we’ve been wanting to happen for our band, is finally happening on our 4th album”

“Radio is just so important for a band like us…”

“… if I have off a month, ill go half my time in Albany and half my time in Florida.”

“Since I was a little girl I’ve had a camp at Sacandaga…”

“I was playing kick ball with a bunch a friends…it hit my arm and snapped my arm in two”

“…everywhere they go they brought like animal parts and animal blood, oh my god, and I’m like a super animal lover, not full on activist but like pretty close…”

                                                           - Maria Brink (In This Moment)